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Animal Health

The Animal Health Unit in LETI is a leader in Veterinary Immunology and Dermatology. Our vision is to become the reference pharmaceutical company internationally in the areas of Dermatology, Allergy, Immunology and Diagnostics, offering the veterinarian innovative solutions in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of relevant diseases in companion animals, such as Allergy and Leishmaniasis.

Among the key characteristics of LETI Animal Health are scientific rigor, innovation, quality and clinical veterinarian orientation. We have a team of accredited and internationally recognized veterinary specialists.

Our four areas of activity


We offer a service of Dermatology Diagnosis (UNIVET) to support the veterinary surgeon in the diagnosis of the main dermatological diseases through the most advanced tests and diagnostic techniques in veterinary medicine. The diagnosis covers the areas of allergy, microbiology, parasitology and histopathology. The team’s clinical experience and the rigor of the tests are key to providing quality support to enable the veterinary surgeon to focus their cases.

Though the Diagnostic Service we support veterinarians in Spain, Italy, Portugal and France.


Allergy is a growing disease in companion animals. It is estimated that over 10% of dogs suffer from allergic dermatitis, which, if not treated properly, significantly decreases the quality of life of patients.

Allergen-specific immunotherapy is the only treatment capable of altering the course of this disease, as recognized by the World Health Organization. LETI has established itself as a leading pharmaceutical company in Spain in allergen immunotherapy, developing individualized treatments of subcutaneous or oral administration, and specifically for pets.

The LETIVET line of immunotherapies includes subcutaneous treatment (Letivet Retard), sublingual application (Letivet Oral) for treatment of atopic dermatitis as well as treatment of bacterial lysates (Letivet Staph) for controlling idiopathic recurrent pyoderma.

We continue research in this area, and maintain an active R&D program that allows us to offer the most advanced and effective Veterinary Allergy immunotherapy.


We study and investigate the most common skin diseases in the dog, the cat and the horse to develop products aimed at their control.

i+Derma by LETI constitutes the most specific and innovative range of products for skin care and control of the main diseases such as allergic dermatitis or kerato seborrheic disorders. Line i+Derma by LETI was developed by the R&D Department of the Animal Health Unit and incorporates proven natural active ingredients, backed by scientific studies in vivo and in vitro.

i+Derma products by LETI are dispensed by veterinary prescription and sold exclusively through veterinary clinics.


Leishmaniasis is a parasitic disease transmitted by the bite of sand fly mosquitoes that have been infected by the parasite Leishmania. In the Mediterranean region between 6% and 30% of dogs have antibodies against the parasite and the expected disease prevalence may reach 10% in endemic regions. LETI has been researching this disease for years.

Given the wide variety and the lack of specificity of clinical signs, leishmaniasis is a disease that is difficult to diagnose. IFAT, ELISA and DAT techniques to determine the presence of leishmania antibodies are essential tools for the diagnosis of leishmaniasis. Vaccination is probably the best option in terms of effective strategies to control parasitic diseases by increasing resistance to disease development.