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Business Units

LETI Pharma has a matrix structure, based on products and territories. The Business Units are as follows:


The Immunology and Allergy Unit specializes in the production of allergenic extracts for diagnosis and treatment of allergy. Treatments are individualized and targeted specifically to counteract the action of the allergen or allergens identified as causing disease in each individual patient. It also provides solutions for in vitro diagnostics (IVD).  


Allergy website

Diagnostics website


The Dermatology and Personal Care Unit focuses on dermopharmaceutical products and other specialty products for personal care, all sold in pharmacies and usually under medical advice.


Dermatology website


The Animal Health Unit aims to provide innovative solutions to the veterinarian in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of primary immune diseases of companion animals, such as Allergy and Leishmaniasis.


Animal Health website