Through the years, LETI Pharma has demonstrated its capacity for innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • First pharmaceutical company to produce penicillin in Spain and possibly in Continental Europe.
  • First and only pharmaceutical company approved by the World Health Organization to produce influenza vaccine in Spain.
  • Pioneer in the production of therapeutic vaccines for allergy.
  • Introduced pregnancy tests, medicated toothpastes, medicated shaving foam, syndets and pH5.5 for skin care and hygiene in Spain.

1919  Dr. Domingo creates Laboratorio Experimental de Terapéutica Inmunógena (LETI) -- Laboratory of Experimental Immunogenic Therapeutics 

1941  LETI Allergy Service begins production of allergenic extracts for diagnosis and treatment 

1946  First industrial production of penicillin in Continental Europe: Penicillin L-U (LETI - UQUIFA) 

1949 Incorporation of Antibióticos S.A. (of the six partners only LETI and Zeltia remain) 

1960  Production of the first influenza vaccine in Spain

1985  Start of Leishmania Research Program (All- Inn)

1992  New Allergy plant and R&D laboratory in Tres Cantos (Madrid)
           Creation of LETI Portugal 

1998  Patent of Q Protein for Leishmaniasis vaccine 

1999  Patent and launch of Depigoid for treatment of allergies 
           Launch of first Leti Test diagnosis 

2000 Creation of LETI Germany
           Launch of LETIAT4 and LetiBalm 

2007  Launch of TOLforte 

2008  Launch of LetiSR 

2010  Launch of LetiXer
           The canine vaccine completes Phase III and obtains EMA MUMS (“Minor Use for a Major Species”) status

2013  Launch of DepigoidDUO and DepigoidOptimizado
           Entrance to North American market (Dermworx)
           Acquisition of UNIVET

2017  Launch of LetiFend®
           The first vaccine against canine leishmaniasis developed in Europe based on a recombinant protein.