Who we are

LETI Pharma is an independent and family-owned biopharmaceutical research company.
In its different areas of expertise, it seeks to contribute products to society that add value to health care.

LETI Pharma has always considered health care as a highly profitable investment rather than an expense to be minimized. Health should not be based primarily on the treatment of disease. Body care, either in health or sickness, vaccination and early diagnosis of disease contributes significantly to improving health and quality of life and reduce the incidence and social cost of illness. Consistent with this philosophy, LETI Pharma, in addition to treatment, offers a wide range of products for disease prevention, early diagnosis and special body care.

Jaime Grego

Its headquarters are in Barcelona and its plant and allergy research laboratory are in Tres Cantos (Madrid). It has subsidiaries in Germany (Ismaning and Witten) and Portugal (Oporto). LETI Pharma operates with exclusive distributors in several countries in Europe, Latin America and Africa. 

Research and expertise are critical elements in the strategy of LETI Pharma. Having innovative, patented products is essential for international growth in selected market segments. Therefore, LETI Pharma devotes between 10 and 20 per cent of its revenue to research and product development.

Internationalization is a key element of our strategy. For a specialized company, entry into foreign markets is a requirement in order to grow, and this is facilitated by having its own products developed through research. Thus, for LETI Pharma, internationalization is both a necessity and an opportunity, besides being an important enriching element for its organization.

LETI Pharma maintains a strategy of strong partnerships and lasting relationships with companies in the sector to enhance its penetration in foreign markets and expand its product range. Likewise, it collaborates with universities and research centres for research and development inside and outside Spain.

LETI Pharma is a founding member of Asebio (Spanish Association of Biotechnology Companies) and EAMG (European Allergens Manufacturers Group). It is a member of Farmaindustria, FENIN (Spanish Federation of Healthcare Technology Companies) and BPI (Bundesverband der Pharmazeutischen Industrie) and contributes to various organizations and non-profit foundations in areas related to health and education.