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Cookies policy

With the aim to offer the proper functioning of the websites of LETI Pharma, S.L.U. the navigation system and the software that we use, collect some navigation data (hereinafter called Cookies) which are necessary in the use of Internet communication protocols.

Cookies are small text files stored by the user 's browser when browsing a website in order to collect information about your navigation on the website. This information is not associated with any particular user because no personal identification information is stored , although they are used to identify every user session in order to facilitate analysis of the websites.

In some occasions Cookies are necessary to facilitate navigation browse and to store and retrieve information about browsing habits of a particular user or its computer, among others. According to the information that Cookies may contain and the way the computer is used, they are useful to automatically recognize the user.

On this website you will find specific information about the Cookies used in different LETI Pharma, S.L.U., web pages and we inform the user how to delete or disable them. To control the use of cookies by websites, the user can set the privacy settings of its browser. If you disable cookies entirely, it might be possible that certain content of the websites of LETI Pharma, S.L.U. fail.

What types of Cookies are used LETI Pharma websites?

Technic Cookies: Allow the users to navigate through a web page, an application, or a website displayer and allow as well, the use of different services and options therein, for instance, the control of data communication, identification of user sessions, the access to restricted areas, etc...

Cookies of personalization: Allow the users the access to the web site service generally offered, in terms of features, into a pre-defined set of criteria according to the user terminal, such as: the language definition, type of browser through which the user initially accesses to the service, the local settings from which the user accesses to the service, etc..

Cookies analysis: Are those cookies which quantify the number of users per website and make the measurement and statistical analysis of how the users make use of the website with the aim of improving the content and the services provided.

Cookies used on LETI Pharma websites

Own cookies

LANGUAGE: Used to keep the preferred language of the user.

BEAKER.SESSION.ID: Used to keep the log-in session in those areas where a user authentication is required, such as the Professional Area in Allergy Business Unit website.

ASPSESSIONID: The application server uses this Cookie in order to identify the browsing session.

FE_TYPO_USER: The Typo 3 CMS manager uses this Cookie in order to maintain the access to the back office management.

Third Parties Cookies

The use of third-party services on LETI Pharma websites apply their own Cookies policy and collect certain information for statistical purposes, as well as to provide related services derived from site activity.

LETI Pharma, S.L.U. service uses Google and Google Analytics, with the aim to identify anonymously the visitor/user and in order to count the number of visitors, measure the time per visit on site, and anonymously identify the most visited content or whether the visit is made by a new user or not.
For further information about Google Analytics Cookies policy, please click: https://www.google.com/intl/en_EN/analytics/learn/privacy.html and

Disabling Cookies