Vision, mission and values

To be a company of global presence and reference in specialized segments of health and well-being, with leadership in business and key markets, the result of innovation and development of premium products and brands.

All this is the result of the passion for excellence and customer satisfaction of our team, creating an environment that attracts and motivates the best professionals. 


Contribute to increased health and well-being of society

Contribute to personal and professional development of people who work in and with the Group

Ensure the Group’s long-term permanence, creating value for customers and shareholders


Along with the mission and vision, LETI values reflect the group's identity and are a statement of our principles of conduct.

We believe in people

We value people and therefore require mutual respect and we value diversity. We facilitate and promote their professional and personal development, so they can assume responsibilities with equal opportunities.

We believe in teamwork

We promote transparency and mutual trust through open communication and frank collaboration in our organization.

We believe in excellence

Our priority is to deliver value to the customer (also internal), putting quality and innovation in our products and in all our activities. We seek to obtain results that will ensure the future of the company in the long term.

We believe in integrity, fairness and humility

The commitment of people with LETI is based on excellence in leadership, humility in attitude, and ethics and fairness in conduct.