Babies' skin

Babies' skin: their first contact with the outside world

Skin is an essential organ for people and even more so for babies; it is their first contact with the outside world after they are born and skin care is essential not only to protect them but also to transmit positive emotions and calm.

Both newborns and older children need to be protected, pampered and cared for throughout the day. Hugs and kisses are the first loving contact that babies receive in their lives and their smiles are the greatest possible reward for their parents.

The moments we spend with them have to become warm, protective embraces, so that they feel safe, calm and happy.

Transform bath time into foamy hugs, moisturising time into soft massages and nappy changing time into loving caresses to let them enjoy each moment of their childhood.

Babies' delicate skin

Babies' skin is generally thinner than adult skin; it can be damaged easily, it has less hair and it is immature, making it more permeable, which can lead to an increased risk of dehydration and to being more exposed to the most irritating external agents. Additionally, components such as sebum and sweat, which are important factors for the formation of the acid mantle, are limited in babies' skin.

Furthermore, the defence mechanisms of the babies' skin are not fully developed. These include the skin's cutaneous microbial flora and a more basic pH (6.5) which develop during the first five weeks of their life. This is a crucial stage in terms of ensuring that they do not have any skin problems. Proper hygiene and hydration are essential during this phase.