Nose and lips

Care for nose and lips

The skin on the lips and nose

The lips are a part of the body exposed to environmental conditions such as cold, wind and sun. The skin on the lips is asp fine and delicate, which makes it especially susceptible to these conditions and other factors such as chafing and dehydration caused, for example, by taking certain pharmacological treatments (e.g. oral retinoids for acne). All this can cause the appearance of dryness, cracks and fissures that cause discomfort and pain to people who suffer them.

On the other hand, the skin on the nose can be irritated in cases of allergic rhinitis and colds due to the repetitive use of tissues.

How can we protect the nose and lips in winter?

In winter - with the arrival of the cold - it is common for some sensitive parts of our skin to suffer, our lips in particular, which can dry up and chap. Our nose can also dry out or be irritated by excessive cold; so it is important to take this into account in our daily care.

In extreme cold it is ideal to keep the lips and nose hydrated and protected. A repair balm can be of great help in this case. In this way, it is possible to regenerate the skin on the lips when they are very dry and chapped or keep them hydrated even if they are not facing aggressive conditions.

Regarding our noses, it is especially important to protect it in catarrhal or allergic processes, since the constant use of tissues makes the nose dry and irritated. To avoid this, the most advisable thing to do is to apply a balm that hydrates the skin and protects it from irritations.

What advice should we follow
to protect our lips from the sun?

When we do outdoor activities while on summer holidays, while skiing or practising other outdoor sports, we have to take some special considerations into account regarding how we care for our lips against solar radiation.

In general, we are well aware of the need to apply a cream when we are going to be in the sun, but many times we forget to apply sunscreen on the lips even though they are more vulnerable to damage by the sun than the skin on the rest of the body.

The lips have a very thin coating that prevents them from correctly fulfilling their barrier functions, making it easier for ultra violet (UV) radiation to penetrate them, causing a lot of damage to the lips.

When we use lip SPF we must take the same precautions as with our skin, following four essential steps:

  • Choose a lipstick with sun protection factor.
  • Apply the protection 30 minutes before exposing yourself to the sun's rays.
  • It is very important to always wear the lipstick and re-apply the product every two hours while we are exposed to the sun.
  • After being exposed to the sun, it is important to use an emollient lip balm to keep the lips healthy and well hydrated.