Nose and lips

Care for the perioral zone in babies

Excessive saliva or drooling

Saliva is one of the essential fluids that performs valuable functions within the mouth in digestive processes, dental protection and eating food. However, the continual contact of saliva against the skin can lead to negative effects.

The most common form of contact between saliva and skin is drooling. Drooling is a frequent problem, especially in children. The lack of control over salivation causes saliva to leave the mouth, affecting the nearby cutaneous areas, that is, the perioral area. The skin affected by the permanent action of saliva loses its proper protective barrier function, so it becomes vulnerable to the action of other irritating elements (food, pollution, dirt, etc.), which worsen the situation. The result is irritation, redness, inflammation and increased sensitivity of the perioral area.

That is why it is important to use products that protect, hydrate and repair the perioral area in the event of continuous exposure to moisture.