LETI DPC products in Germany


LETI has recently launched in Germany its DPC product lines: letiAT4, letiSR and letiXer. letibalm will also be launched this summer.

Along with our DPC launch, the 19th Annual Conference of the German Association for Dermo-pharmacy (GD) took place in Berlin last week. There a new guideline developed by an interdisciplinary team of experts, “Dermocosmetics for use in rosacea patients”, was officially issued by the GD. Immediately after this presentation, a LETI press conference took place and the compliance of the letiSR product line was presented. 

LETI DPC presence during the conference was supported by a booth and the LETI Symposium, during which the audience learned about the benefits of medical skin care in rosacea patients and about the profits of letiSR. Our speakers were: Priv.-Doz. Dr. Petra Staubach (Dermatologist), Dr. Markus Reinholz (Dermatologist), Rafael Levitch, Medical Director in LETI, and Petra Liekfeld (Pharmacist).

LETI DPC website in Germany