The allergy videocatalog of LETI wins an Aspid award


Aspid awards are organized in Spain by the magazine PMFARMA with the collaboration of the Marketing Club of Health, Sepromark. Aspid awards have a history of 18 years and they reward the best communication campaigns in pharmaceutical and health services. These awards are aimed at communication agencies, design professionals as well as pharmaceutical or other health institutions.

In this edition, there were 175 pieces of work submitted by 58 communication agencies. The videocatalog of allergy was one of the 44 prize-winning projects, obtaining "Other pieces used in medical sales" award in the category "communications to health professionals".

This material was delivered to the medical representatives in April 2013 as a teaching tool in order to educate and inform patients about their pathology and treatment with immunotherapy. It is thought of to be used by patients while waiting in the consultation room of the specialist. It has a very simple operation and it contains 5 videos related to allergy.

Once again, LETI is a partner of the allergy specialist that provides him/her support materials in the consultation, which facilitate patient-doctor communication.