LETIAT4 Defense, the revolution for atopic skins


After years of research LETI has created the first multi-protective barrier that specifically protects and repairs atopic skin against external agents. This means a revolution in the treatment of atopic skin and in the creation of a new category of products, namely multi-protectors.

What scientific innovation does this new reference incorporate to protect and repair atopic skin and give a step forward in the quality of our atopic patients' lives?


It promotes the synthesis of caspase-14 and Filagrina repairing the cutaneous barrier and protecting it from damage caused by solar radiation at the level of cellular DNA.
It promotes the skin's natural photo-protection systems.


It protects atopic skin from the oxidative stress generated by external agents such as solar radiation, chlorine and pollution, thus avoiding the deterioration of the signs of atopic skin.


Product resistant to the sand, chlorine, water and sweat.

LetiAT4 Defense is a daily use product that can be used from 6 months of age. The product must be applied throughout the year before leaving home, in areas exposed to external agents or before practising any outdoor activity. With last generation solar filters chosen especially for atopic skin.Octocrylene free.

All these qualities make LetiAT4 Defense the ideal complement to the range of LetiAT4.